CE Marking

CE Marking is an indication that the product, which is subject to one or several European Union legislations or directives, has complied with the relevant Union requirements. The marking allows manufacturers for placing the product on the union market and enables free movement of products within the EEA and Turkish market, whether they are manufactured in the EEA, Turkey or in another country. The marking is not intended to indicate that the product was made in European Union. It only indicates conformity with the requirements outlined in the applicable union harmonization legislations. Without this marking, a manufacturer cannot place the product on the market and may face penalties or fines.

The CE marking must be according to as shown below. There are certain requirements on affixing of the CE marking. Stealth compliance is able to support you with that. The marking shall be clearly visible and accessible to all parties.

For getting your product compliant for CE Marking, the steps below will be performed by Stealth compliance. Stealth compliance has a structed way of working for getting products compliant. We ensure your product is designed and developed according to the guidelines of the applicable EU legislation acceptable for affixing CE Marking.

Whether your product is at commercial launch stage or whether you are at proof of concept stage, we ensure the requirements are captured correctly, preventing any delays or risk of re-design.

Stealth Compliance CE Marking Activity List

Creating product conformity conformity assessment planning
Creation of regulatory compliance plan
Conducting Safety Risk Assessment
Defining product safety designing guidelines
Contacting testing laboratory for quotations
Assisting in preparing product samples for product testing
Supporting product testing at testing laboratories
Outlining product labels and guidelines
Outlining packaging labels and guidelines
Creation of regulatory compliance statements
Supporting creation of product manuals
Creation of declaration of conformity

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